Brave Writer Lifestyle Plan

Have you ever wished that someone would plug the Brave Writer Lifestyle Routine into your planner? Well I've done it for you!

You can now use the Homeschool Planet planner and accompanying Brave Writer Lifestyle Plan to give you the gentle reminders to stay with your best intentions. Each week I've carefully put together the routine that includes read alouds, poetry teatime, video encouragement from me, nature journaling, movie viewing, copywork and dictation and more!

You can purchase one plan per season or buy them for a discount all together.

*Please note: the Plan only works in coordination with a subscription to the Homeschool Planet. Both must be purchased together if you don't yet own the Planet software yet.

I have to tell you how amazing [the Plan] is!! I ordered Homeschool Planet and think it is amazing. I have plugged in my 5 kids work for the week (some for the year) and your brave writer lessons. Thank you so much for making my life and homeschool easier.

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