Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation Bundle

15-18 years old

The Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation Bundle is designed for juniors and seniors in high school. It includes the self-study manual, Help for High School. If your teen intends to go to college and has not yet learned to write an expository essay, this is the right tool for the job. The first half develops a teen's rhetorical imagination and powers of argument. The second half teaches the expository essay (both exploratory and persuasive formats). The processes used in the manual mirror how the essay is taught in college freshman composition classes.

The Boomerang provides teens with continued copywork and dictation practice, as well as quality literature to read and examine.


    If your teen has not yet completed basic composition, this is the right place to start. If, however, your teen has been exposed to essay writing, check our online classes for the more advanced courses:

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