Brave Learner "Everyday Magic" Mug

You add the coffee or tea, we add the magic!

Here's your chance to purchase the mug we gave as a gift to our conference attendees in July 2019. Now, for a limited time, you can add a touch of brave learning magic to your morning routine.

This whimsical mug

  • pairs beautifully with your morning routine
  • adds zip to a table set for poetry teatime (buy several—one for each teatimer!)
  • gathers pencils, gel pens, and markers used in freewrites, copywork, and writing projects as a make-shift pencil holder

A treat for all Brave Learners!

Fill it with candy or spiced almonds, tea bags or packets of hot chocolate, wrap it in cellophane with a big bow, and give it to the Brave Learner friend in your life! You might include The Brave Learner book, for an extra special gift.

This mug is available at our shop in Zazzle (the company that makes the mug).

Be sure to look for the coupon code at Zazzle when you click through to order. They ALWAYS have a code going to take a solid percentage off the price.

I hope to see Brave Learner mugs all over Instagram. Tag me in your pictures pretty please (@juliebravewriter).

Expires on December 31, so purchase early!

Happy Holidays!

Select the color based on which font color you prefer for "Find Your Everyday Magic."

Order teal

Order burgundy

Order white

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