Brave Learner “You Are” Cards

Brave Learner “You Are” Cards

In the summer of 2019, we gathered 300 parents for a conference celebrating the release of Julie Bogart's new book: The Brave Learner. As a gift to those participants, we created a series of grown up, over-sized trading cards that featured personalities characteristic of hard working parents who care about their children's education.

These cards were so popular, we've had request after request to sell them! To that end, we put them into a downloadable PDF file that you can print (paper or card stock).

The 8 personalities are:

  • Smart
  • Loving
  • Brave
  • Strong
  • Fun
  • Sassy
  • Adventurous
  • Powerful

We've included a page of ideas for how to use these cards creatively. Each one has a backside you can also print. It includes the phrase "I am" and a series of blank lines for you to add your own gifts and qualities that help you be at your best.

For example:

  • Make a banner and hang it.
  • Use them as freewriting prompts.
  • Use a thesaurus to find synonyms or antonyms for the "You are" terms.
  • Print two packs and play concentration.
  • And others...!

Some parents want to share the cards with their children too!

You will receive by email after purchase:

  • a printable PDF file with all the "You Are" designs (8 ½" x 11")
  • a printable PDF file with a list of ideas to try in your homeschool
  • a permission to print form 
  • a copyright terms of use form

Feel free to shrink the design for printing smaller-sized trading cards or use them in full size for decorating a notebook or framing and hanging on a wall.

Limited time sale

These Brave Learner "You Are" Cards are available until December 31, 2019. Hurry!

All purchases of digital products are FINAL. No refunds.

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