Poetry Teatime Tea Cozy*

Table Magic for Poetry Teatime

Spice up your spread!

Brave Writer’s limited edition Poetry Teatime tea cozy will swaddle your teapot so you can linger over poetry and conversation without fearing a lukewarm refill.

Warning: may be purloined for a hat!

Our summer collection is available in three vibrant designs. Each cozy measures 15” x 9” and covers a four- to six-cup teapot. Our custom design features embroidery, handmade finishing details, and a compact batting layer that is quilted for additional stability and maintains the warmth of your tea throughout the hour. They are soft, sturdy, and beautiful.

If you love a pattern, snatch it while you can.

These are limited editions!
Once we sell out of a pattern, it's gone for good!

These prints pair well with coordinating napkins, candles, and flowers, putting the finishing touch on your English or poetry tea party table.

Poetry Teatime's Summer 2016 Cozy Collection

The Runcible 
Introduce a note of whimsy to your tea party with this bright and cheeky cozy, named for the word Edward Lear coined but neglected to define. The world is as big as your imagination.


Sold out!

Inspired by the whimsical, made-up language of Dr. Seuss’s jazzamataz pizzazz, this cozy zigzags, zips, and zings with bright zany color. 

Put down your gardening shears, take up your journal, breathe in the aroma of a hot pot of tea, and give thanks for plants, without which no blossoms, no food—and worst of all!—no tea. The brilliant wordsmith and poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, coined the word we've adopted to name this floral tea cozy.

*Is it Tea Cozy or Tea Cosy? It’s both! Our UK and NZ-Australian friends spell it with an s; we Americans use the z. No matter the spelling, a cosy cozy is the best way to keep your pot warm and add a bit of fun to your teatime treasure chest.

Details and Care

Our tea cozy is padded and quilted to keep your tea warm with 100 % cotton batting. For proper care and keeping of your cozy, please hand wash it in cold water, reshape it, and air dry.

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