Jot It Down! Bundle

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5-7 years old

The place to start with your youngest kids!

Let Brave Writer bring together everything you need to teach language arts to your earliest readers and writers.

  • Handwriting and reading practice (Dart)
  • Writing projects that major on imagination 
  • A guidebook that teaches you how to build a writing life with your family

You'll have daily, weekly, and monthly opportunities to:

  • read together
  • handwrite regularly
  • learn about grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • play with language
  • jot down your children's thoughts to create memorable writing projects

Children who are just learning to read or who are new readers will find this bundle to be gentle and thorough. 

Each program lasts for an entire school year, and includes ten month-long handbooks.


Our three-part Brave Writer writing program for ages 5-7 

  1. Mechanics and literature: punctuation, grammar, spelling, literary style:
    Dart <—Book List at the link.

  2. Original writing drawn from the writing process: 
    The Writer’s Jungle

  3. Writing projects (assignments) at the appropriate developmental stage:
    Jot It Down

The Jot It Down! Planner with Skills Tracker. 

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