Brave Writer 101: Guided Writing Process—Julie's Jumpstart

Calling all Jumpstarters!

Want a class for you and your child ages 9-14 to jump into with Brave Writer?

How about a chance to lock in your seat early and apply that gift card discount Julie gave you?

This is the class!

Dates: January 15 - February 23, 2024

Brave Writer® 101: Guided Writing Process

**This early bird offer expires Tuesday, October 31 at midnight. Be sure to register before then!**

Brave Writer® 101: Guided Writing Process is unique in the world of writing instruction.

Our goal? To show you how to be your children’s trusted partner and ally in the writing process. No more fights over three more sentences. We provide tools to help your stuck writers get unstuck. Let’s get you and your child on the same side of the fence.

We start with the power of self-expression in writing. We focus on the unique, quirky, and wonderful writer that is your child!

Paragraph instruction? Spelling and grammar?

Sure, but not until our young writers know we value what they have to say.

This is where we begin—stirring up our children’s ideas, thoughts, and insights that hook, fascinate, surprise, enliven, and tell the truth.

How do you help your kids reach inside and find those kinds of words?

That's what Brave Writer® 101 is designed to do!

You're the partner your child needs!

Traditional approaches to writing would have you hand your children a book and assignments and—poof!—they’re independently writing. The truth is, no one writes in an isolation booth.

Every writer needs a partner at every level—even professional writers!

Brave Writer® cares about making YOU an effective writing coach for your kids. You will enroll with one or more kids to gain these coaching skills under the supervision of our trained instructors.

If you're new to Brave Writer®

Brave Writer® 101: Guided Writing Process is where to begin.

Tens of thousands of families have been liberated by this class experience.

What to expect

  • Covers the process described in The Writer’s Jungle and Growing Brave Writers
  • Trained coaches guide you and your kids through the writing process
  • Parents are enrolled with their kids (9-14; teens needing remediation)
  • Our coaches give kind helpful comments on student writing
  • Our coaches interact with the parent directly—modeling the feedback style and answering your specific questions


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