Partnership Writing (9-10 yrs)

9-10 years old

The most overlooked stage in the writing journey!

Do you wonder how much support to give to your child's writing? Are you worried that you might be helping too much, or that your child won't become an independent writer if you help your child write, revise, and edit his or her work? You're not alone. The truth is: educational development in children grows in direct proportion to the appropriate level of support offered by a caring experienced adult. You are that person!

Successfully navigate the Partnership Writing phase (no more "blank page, blank stare" syndrome!) with our Year-Long Language Arts Plan and 10 Monthly Writing Projects. Parents are given clear instructions about how much support to give to a child's writing project—what's too much, what's not enough? You'll go on a journey of joyful collaboration with your child, who will gain confidence and excitement about writing.

The Partnership Writing program product:

  • Developmentally appropriate writing projects
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • A weekly and monthly plan

Partnership Writing helps you create a language-rich environment, suggests a daily routine for your language arts practices, and provides you 10 month-long writing projects/assignments (the "what to write") to last all year.

This product also appears in our Partnership Writing Bundle.

Listen to a podcast about the developmental stage of growth: Partnership Writing.

This is a digital product. Feel free to print it for your own personal use (see photo sample).

  • Ages: 9-10 year olds, or students who need partnering from an invested parent.

    Format: Four color, 100+ page PDF file suitable for tablets and computers. Permission to print included.

  • Download a 19-page free digital sample (select in the "Title" drop down menu below). It includes the Table of Contents which gives a list of the year's writing projects.

  • Partnership Writing is the product to use for your children who are becoming comfortable with reading, and are able to handwrite yet tire easily. It is the third component of your family’s writing and language arts instruction for 9-10 year olds. It gives you the practical, step-by-step implementation of what to write, not just how to write.

    Partnership Writing (writing projects) works with The Writer's Jungle (original writing) and The Arrow (literature and mechanics).

    The three together create a stable three-legged stool from which you will confidently perch as you lead your children into the adventure of writing and literature, both philosophically and practically.

    Here’s how it works.

    1. The Writer's Jungle —For original writing. Teaches a parent how to coach a child to self-express in writing.

    2. The Arrow —For the mechanics of writing taught through copywork and dictation, using quality literature.

    3. Partnership Writing —For writing projects. Partnership Writing provides 10 month-long writing projects that combine original writing and skills in mechanics.

    Purchase them together for a discount in the Partnership Writing Bundle.

    Take a quick look at the Table of Contents to see a list of the writing projects.

All purchases of digital products are FINAL. No refunds.

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