Shakespeare's Scribe

Gary Blackwood • A Pouch of Boomerangs Title

This Boomerang is part of the A Pouch of Boomerangs set of ten digital literature guides which are especially designed for 6th-7th grades. The Pouch editions are similar to The Boomerang but written for the middle school set.
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About the book

When an outbreak of the deadly Black Plague closes the Globe Theatre, William Shakespeare's acting troupe sets off on a tour of England. Widge, the orphan-turned-actor, knows that he'll be useful on the trip. Not only does he love the stage, but his knack for a unique shorthand has proven him one of the most valuable apprentices in the troupe. But then a mysterious man appears, claiming to know a secret from Widge's past-a secret that may forever force him from the theatre he loves.—Amazon

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