Language Arts Programs

Charlotte Mason and Ruth Beechik would love us!

We use living literature to teach the mechanics of writing!

Copywork, dictation, and a few other strategies thrown in for good measure—we teach the mechanics of writing through living literature. Brave Writer adds an element to the teaching of mechanics: appreciating an author's craft in writing (literary elements).

These open-and-go programs are digital downloads, featuring one novel (not included) per month, with weekly passages for copywork and dictation. The language arts programs featured in the icons below meet the first criteria of a complete writing and language curriculum.

  1. A tool for literature and mechanics (punctuation, grammar, spelling, literary style).
  2. A tool that teaches the writing process for original writing.
  3. A tool that supplies writing projects (assignments) that makes use of mechanics and original writing skills.

      The language arts programs fulfill the first of the three components for quality writing instruction.

      The Wand
      The Wand from $0.00
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      A Quiver of Arrows
      A Quiver of Arrows $79.00
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      The Arrow
      The Arrow $79.00
      + Quick View

      A Pouch of Boomerangs
      A Pouch of Boomerangs $99.00
      + Quick View
      The Boomerang
      The Boomerang $99.00
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      Early English Boomerang Collection
      Early English Boomerang Collection $59.00
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