Brave Writer Bundles

Bundle up! 

The Brave Writer Bundles are designed to give you a complete writing and language arts program that matches your child's developmental stage of growth in writing. Yes, you can use one bundle for everyone (spanning one or more developmental stages)! Simply modify the practices up or down a level to include more children.

There are two - three products in each bundle:

  • Original Writing Instruction Manual for parent or teen (The Writer's Jungle, Help for High School)
    The original writing instruction manuals teach you or your teen how to write.
  • Literature Guides featuring copywork, dictation, and literary elements (WandArrowBoomerang)
    These teach the mechanics of writing: grammar, spelling, punctuation, and literary devices. 
  • Scheduled Writing Projects  (Jot It Down, Partnership Writing, Faltering Ownership)
    Scheduled writing projects include detailed week-by-week instructions for 10 month-long writing projects.
Read more about Brave Writer's Natural Stages of Growth in Writing.
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Jot It Down! Bundle
Jot It Down! Bundle from $199.00
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Partnership Writing Bundle
Partnership Writing Bundle from $209.00
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Faltering Ownership Bundle
Faltering Ownership Bundle from $229.00
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Transition to Ownership Bundle
Transition to Ownership Bundle $159.00
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Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation Bundle
Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation Bundle $159.00
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