Emerging Writers Bundle

Once your child can read, it’s tempting to think they ought to go it alone in writing. Not so!  

Be the partner your child needs, guilt free.

In the Emerging Writer’s Bundle, we combine three interlocking programs for a year of essential language arts:

  1. An easy-to-use manual to help you teach your kids how to write. (Growing Brave Writers)

  2. Monthly handbooks that pair with read aloud novels. Discover the "not boring" way to learn grammar, punctuation, and reading comprehension! (Dart)

  3. A program of oral language activities and ten writing assignments that are right for this age and stage. (Partnership Writing)

Our bundles are made up of year-long, non-consumable PDF products. We show you how to put them together for a rich writing life! These tools can be used for more than one child at a time in your family, particularly if close in age, and again with additional children as they come of age. 

Please note! All of your products will be released on July 15 in your Brave Writer account. You’ll receive instructions for how to log in after payment. Inside are a wealth of free materials to help you prepare for your year. The products will be posted to your account on July 15.

Want a print copy? Go to the front of the line at the Homeschool Printing Company with a special Brave Writer offer. Order here. (They will begin printing and shipping July 15th.)

When you preorder Growing Brave Writers (included with this bundle), you are invited to a special training for how to use it with Julie Bogart. This session is available to all who preorder and will be sent to the registered guests as a replay if you can’t be with us live. Julie will discuss how to implement the practices in the manual for homeschoolers, traditional schoolers, in co-ops and across the curriculum. She’ll answer your questions as well.

Registration is required to attend.

All purchases of digital products are FINAL. No refunds.

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