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Let us help you explore, experience, and explain grammarpunctuationspellingliterary analysis (Boomerang & Slingshot), and literary devices while reading great books!

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Dart Books and concepts for kids ages 8–10
Arrow Books and concepts for kids ages 11–12
Boomerang Books and concepts for teens ages 13–14
Slingshot Books and concepts for teens ages 15–18

Look for the Spin and SpiralBig Juicy Questions, and Book Club Party Ideas in newer issues (published after 2017).
Features found in each Literature Single are shown in photos and listed on the individual product pages.
Please preview the book in order to be sure that it is appropriate for your family or teen. 

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The Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, and Slingshot are digital products, which will be delivered as a PDF file via email. 

All purchases of digital products are FINAL. No refunds.

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