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Brave Learner Home

Imagine a living-breathing teacher's manual for Brave Writer programs + a living-breathing mentor for homeschooling.

Imagine not having to pay for it—monthly, annually, or ever.

That's the Brave Learner Home—your space to grow as:

  • an effective educator,
  • a compassionate parent, and
  • an awesome adult.

Watch my webinar that explains the new Brave Learner Home for more details.

Not sure what level to buy? Watch Julie's Getting Started Videos for clarity about the way Brave Writer's Natural Stages of Growth inform our products.

Bringing Homeschool Alliance and Brave Writer Coaching together!

We’re tired of making you choose between two essential ingredients for a great homeschool:

  • Homeschool coaching for yourself 
  • Homeschool curriculum for your kids. 

Now you won’t have to. 

The Brave Learner Home will include the Homeschool Alliance. 
See a 
preview here.

The Deal

Spend $198.00 in one shopping cart purchase (total) of any Brave Writer products, receive free lifetime membership in the Brave Learner Home.

Or, you can register and pay for a winter/spring 2021 online writing class for tuition totaling $198.00 and you will gain a free lifetime membership. (FYI: member registrations with charter school funds will gain access to the Brave Learner Home once the invoice is paid by the charter school.)

If you prefer to buy your membership directly (lifetime or 6 months), see below.

What have you got to lose? Here’s your chance to purchase the best curriculum for your children while getting all the personal coaching and support you need to succeed! 

Brave Learner Home access begins after purchase.

Our Bundles are a great way to get a full writing experience while also qualifying you for the Brave Learner Home membership deal.

This deal expires on May 27, 2021.

Beginning Writers Bundle
Beginning Writers Bundle $229.00
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Growing Writers Bundle
Growing Writers Bundle $239.00
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Middle School Writers Bundle
Middle School Writers Bundle $249.00
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Brave Learner Home Membership
Brave Learner Home Membership from $99.00
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