Becoming a Critical Thinker

New Workbook by Julie Bogart

A practical resource to grow students’ ability to think well in an age of information overload

Finally a way for you and your teens to GROW critical thinking skills by putting them into action!

At a time when we’re constantly flooded with contradictory information and opinions, critical thinking skills are more important than ever. This accessible workbook is full of valuable insights, thought-provoking questions, and useful exercises to help teens and preteens expand their perspectives, skillfully navigate thorny issues, recognize bias, identify misinformation, and become more comfortable with dissent and differences of opinion.
Becoming a Critical Thinker offers essential tools for students to mature into thoughtful, curious, and empathetic learners.

BECOMING A CRITICAL THINKER* (the workbook for 12-18 yr olds) is available now. 

RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS* (for parents) is available now.

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