Creating High School Transcripts

Wonder how to create a homeschool transcript for high school?

We’ve got you!

High school requirements don’t have to box you in. You can embrace a unique homeschool education and create a transcript colleges will want to see!

Join us for a three-way conversation between veteran homeschoolers whose students have made it to college!     

Here’s what live attendees have said about this tutorial:

I found the webinar to be so helpful. It was exactly what I needed! I have attended a few different transcript/high school planning webinars outside of Brave Writer, and they have all just increased my anxiety. This was the first webinar on this topic that really fit my kid and gave me creative ways to think about navigating high school with my neurodiverse, twice-exceptional teen. - Meredith A

"I agree with what others have said about leaving this seminar with so much hope and inspiration for the future." - April Dawn

With this purchase, you’ll get: 

Webinar: Creating High School Transcripts

A conversation between Julie Bogart (CEO), Dawn Smith (Director of Publications) and Heather Hitchcock (Director of Brave Learner Home)

Eighty minutes of hope and inspiration for the high school years!

  • A variety of approaches to high school
  • Creating a transcript, even from delight-directed learning
  • Applying to college, including Ivy League universities

PDF Download: Transcripts 101

All the information you need to create transcripts: recordkeeping, credits, course descriptions, grades, and transcript templates.

Purchase the webinar replay for only $15.00

Upon purchase, you’ll receive an email with the webinar replay link and download. Look for it in a second email (separate from the receipt email). 

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