The Brave Learner

By Julie Bogart
Foreword by Susan Wise Bauer

THE BRAVE LEARNER: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning and Life will help you discover how to put the love into learning and the joy into living with your kids. If you're looking for a comprehensive guide to parenting and educating your kids at home, this is it!

“A masterpiece. This is the deepest, most meaningful book on parenting I have ever read. If you want to raise your child to be a happy learner, whether via homeschooling or conventional schooling, read this book.”
(Barbara Oakley, Learning How to Learn)

THE BRAVE LEARNER is now available wherever books are sold!

This is Julie's magnum opus of home education. If you're looking to put the spark of love and magic into your children's education, this is the book for you!



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