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Brave Learner Home

Brave Learner Home is a mentorship and membership community!

It's like having a living-breathing teacher's manual for Brave Writer writing programs + a living-breathing mentor for homeschooling—and new best friends!

Take advantage of our special offer and you won't have to pay for it ever!

It's your space to grow as:

  • an effective educator,
  • a compassionate parent, and
  • an awesome adult.

See a preview of Brave Learner Home here.

The Year Round Offer

Receive lifetime access to Brave Learner Home when you:

Brave Learner Home
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Beginning Writers Bundle
Beginning Writers Bundle $229.00
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Emerging Writers Bundle
Emerging Writers Bundle $239.00
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Middle School Writers Bundle
Middle School Writers Bundle $249.00
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High School Writers Bundle
High School Writers Bundle $179.00
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College Prep Writers Bundle
College Prep Writers Bundle $129.00
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Brave Learner Home Membership
Brave Learner Home Membership from $99.00
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