A Gracious Space: Winter Edition

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By Julie Bogart

A Gracious Space: Winter Edition gives you 50 brand new readings for the next leg of your year's homeschool journey. These daily readings are provided to give you support and encouragement in your homeschool adventure. These 50 non-sectarian essays are designed to offer you new ways to think about homeschooling, comfort for when you run up against your limitations, and energy for tackling your highest aspirations!


Each day's reading includes a quote from a parent or notable individual, as well as a sustaining thought to take with you through the day.


Thank you so much for these materials and for helping me shift my approach to homeschooling from a place where my hands were grasping and fearful to one where an open hand and trust in the process is starting to show up more and more." -Valerie
Just started reading A Gracious Space and I love it! Our family just started homeschooling this past winter and we are still discovering what works for us. This book speaks to my heart and reassures me that what we are doing is right for us! Thank you Julie Bogart! -Jen


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