Brave Learner Home Membership

Live your best homeschool life!

The Brave Learner Home is the one-stop sandbox for growing as

  • an effective home educator,
  • a compassionate parent, and
  • an awesome adult.

It offers coaching for both homeschooling and all the Brave Writer writing programs and online classes.

Coaches and community provide daily companionship and expert support to help you through your thorniest challenges.

Learn more about the Brave Learner Home here.


Before you purchase, did you know there's a way to get a lifetime membership for free

Purchase $198.00 worth of Brave Writer curriculum in one shopping cart purchase and be automatically added to the Brave Learner Home.

Or, you can register for a fall 2020 or spring 2021 online writing class any time after July 27, 2020 and you will gain a free lifetime membership.

A la carte membership

If you would like to buy your membership a la carte, we have two types of membership available.

  1. $198/ Lifetime Membership
  2. $99/ Six-month Membership

If you plan to homeschool for more than a semester, the lifetime membership is the way to go.

If you want to use the Brave Learner Home for a semester (to try it out or because you will put your children in school in a few months) purchase the $99 six-month membership.

We look forward to getting to know you and to serving you in the Brave Learner Home—your home for all the coaching and support you crave!

To see a tour of the Brave Learner Home, watch here.


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