Analytic Essay + Movie Discussion Club + Persuasive Essay

High School Semester Option — Summer/Fall 2024

Persuasion and Analysis

The internet has habituated us to persuasive language, but scholarly writing requires elements that TikTok doesn’t.

This semester plan offers your teens the chance to experiment with persuasive writing tactics in the realm of essay composition and media commentary. We help them acquire the skills needed in academic persuasive writing including thesis statements, convincing structure, logical flow, compelling writing, and how to use sources correctly to avoid plagiarism.

Classes in this semester package:

Essay Writing 101: Analytic Essay (Sept 3 - Sept 27, 2024) 

Movie Discussion Club (Oct 7 - Nov 1, 2024)

Essay Writing 102: Persuasive Essay (Nov 11 - Dec 10, 2024)


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