Dynamic Thinking + Reading the Essay + Movie Discussion Club

High School Semester Option — Summer/Fall 2024

Cultivating Clarity: Thinking and Writing

These days it’s easy to confuse a sound argument with an opinion piece, a blog post, or lengthy Instagram rant. Students need to learn how to read a range of sources, evaluate arguments, and then take a position to defend intelligently, with nuance.

Bumping one’s own thinking against the greater conversation in the world is the grounding beneath good nonfiction writing. Learn to access thinking, evaluate the arguments of others, and write about it using compelling language!

Classes in this semester package:

Essay Prep: Dynamic Thinking (Sept 9 - Oct 4, 2024) 

Essay Prep: Reading the Essay (Oct 14 - Nov 8, 2024)

Movie Discussion Club (Nov 18 - Dec 17, 2024)


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