Brave Writer 101 + Brave Writer 102 + Write for Fun: Dream Big

Middle School Semester Option — Summer/Fall 2024

Intro to Brave Writer®

Perfect start for those new to Brave Writer or searching for a “no tears” approach that works!

At this stage your kids need more input from you, so learn our methods to use at home! With the one-on-one help of an expert coach, you'll partner with your student to walk through the entire writing process in a stress-free, engaging way. When you’re done, you’ll be able to handle drafting, edits, and revision at home on your own. Finish the semester with a fun independent writing experience for your child! Two words: game changer.

Classes in this semester package:

Brave Writer® 101: Guided Writing Process (Aug 26 - Oct 4, 2024) 

Brave Writer® 102: Learning to Revise (Oct 14 - Nov 8, 2024)

Write for Fun: Dream Big (Nov 18 - Dec 10, 2024)


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