Raising Critical Thinkers

A Parent's Guide to Growing Wise Kids in the Digital Age

Julie Bogart's new book with a foreword by Barbara Oakley


Wondering how to raise curious kids in the information age, where all viewpoints come at your children in an unfiltered rush? How do we help them navigate all that complexity without losing their values? How do we help them form values?

Julie tackles the challenge of thinking well with decades of experience and research. She brings her trademark storytelling and knack for practical application to this heady topic.

Sharon McMahon of Sharon Says So loved the book:

There is no one I know whose wise counsel I would trust more than Julie Bogart when it comes to teaching our children (and ourselves!) how to think. Critical thinking has never been more important, and Julie arrived just when we needed her. This book is a must for anyone who wants to raise children to be thoughtful, kind, and independent. 

Dr. William Stixrud, co-author of The Self-Driven Child concurred:

Julie Bogart is a brilliant educator who’s written a wonderful book that shows us how to nurture children’s ability to think critically and carefully. Each chapter offers dozens of questions, lessons, and exercises for helping learners understand their biases, evaluate the sources from which they get information, and consider other perspectives. These tools can enable students from kindergarten through high school to experience the joys of discovery and insight, and they can help young people grow into compassionate adults who want to make a positive contribution to their world. Read this book and use it. Your children and students will thank you, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself, too!

A perfect follow-up to The Brave Learner, Raising Critical Thinkers will support you in guiding your children to be wise, curious, and discerning.

Julie tells us it's her favorite research and work she's ever done!

RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS is now available (affiliate link)!


Publication Date: February 1, 2022


Collections: Homeschool Help

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