C. C. Harrington • Alternating Point of View

The Arrow is the monthly digital product that features copywork and dictation passages from a specific read aloud novel (you purchase or obtain the novels yourself). It’s geared toward children ages 11–12 and is an indispensable tool for parents who want to teach language arts in a natural, literature-bathed context.

This guide contains the following features:

  • 4 Passages (one per week) for copywork/dictation
  • Notes about punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and literary devices
  • Weekly Reading Guide
  • Arrow Planner and Skills Tracker
  • 3 Grammar or Punctuation Spotlights 
  • Literary Device: Alternating Point of View
  • Writing Activity: That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles!
  • 9 Discussion Questions
  • Book Club Party Ideas
  • 54 pages
  • Publication Date: September 2023

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About the book 

Maggie Stephens's stutter makes school especially hard. She will do almost anything to avoid speaking in class or calling attention to herself. So when her unsympathetic father threatens to send her away for so-called "treatment," she reluctantly agrees to her mother's intervention plan: a few weeks in the fresh air of Wildoak Forest, visiting a grandfather she hardly knows. It is there, in an extraordinary twist of fate, that she encounters an abandoned snow leopard cub, an exotic gift to a wealthy Londoner that proved too wild to domesticate. But once the cub's presence is discovered by others, danger follows, and Maggie soon realizes that time is running out, not only for the leopard, but for herself and the forest as well.

​Told in alternating voices, Wildoak shimmers with beauty, compassion, and unforgettable storytelling as it explores the delicate interconnectedness of the human, animal, and natural worlds. – Amazon

A note about content

Wildoak reads like a modern-day classic filled with lyrical writing, cozy characters, and enduring themes. But parents of sensitive readers may wish to preview Chapter One where, in a moment of anxiety, the protagonist induces self-harm. Although this scene is unsettling, it may be helpful to know that Maggie is headed to Wildoak where wonderful things await her.

This story also provides opportunities to consider the sometimes troubling treatment of animals. Parents of sensitive readers may wish to preview scenes on pages 93 and 108 to prepare for these discussions. Spoiler alert: Rumpus survives!

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