For the energetically self-styled!
(3rd - 6th grades)

Customize your own literature program—select Arrows for the books you want to read this year. (Books not included.) The Arrow is a digital downloadable literature guide based on a popular novel. You will receive 2 downloads when you purchase:

  1. The Arrow Guidelines (explanations for how to use the Arrow)
  2. The Arrow Guide for the book title

All the Arrows provide:

  • 4 copywork and dictation passages
  • Notes to teach the mechanics of writing and writer's craft
  • A monthly literary element
  • A writing activity

The Arrow is an indispensable tool for parents who want to teach language arts in a natural, literature-bathed context. 

Brave Writer offers 3 levels of instruction for mechanics and literature. Download the samples here to determine which  level is right for your family.

Dart, Ages 8-10

Arrow, Ages 11-12

Boomerang, Ages 13-14

Note: Brave Writer is in a redesign process. The new design will begin to roll out on August 1. Single issues reflect the prior designs.

Please preview the book in order to be sure that it is appropriate for your family. There are no exchanges once purchase is complete.

Important Caveat:

Our Arrow guides have changed in design, content, and length since 2011.

 Before 2011 After 2011
  • 5-8 pages in length
  • Black and white design
  • Copywork/dictation passages on same page as notes
  • Brief notes about spelling, punctuation, grammar, and literary devices
  • 15-30 pages in length
  • 4-color design
  • Individual pages for copywork/dictation passages
  • Specific grammar notes offered 3 of the 4 weeks

Newest Arrows

  • Our most recent Arrows feature Big Juicy Questions for book discussion and Book Club Party ideas as well. (Look for those!)
Please look at the list of features in the Arrow guide listing and screenshots of the Arrow guide before you purchase so that you know what’s included in your selection.

Sign up for our year-long 2020-2021 program (ten new issues of the Arrow released on the first of each month) here.

All purchases of digital products are FINAL. No refunds.