Arrow Single Issues

For the energetically self-styled!

Customize your own literature program—select your Arrows according to the books your student would enjoy studying this year. Each title contains copywork/dictation passages, notes to enhance the study of the passage (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and literary style), and a featured literary element! Arrows with an asterisk* at the end of the title contain 9 Big Juicy Questions.

Older (shorter) titles are only $7.95; more recent titles (2011 and later) are $9.95 per issue. The Arrow is a digital product, which will be delivered as a PDF file via email.

Important Caveat:

Our Arrows have changed design and content length since 2011. The earliest issues from previous years of our Arrow production are much shorter in length and the design is less colorful (black and white). The passages are still useful for copywork and there are notes and literary elements in them. However, they may range between 5-8 pages rather than the 15-25 pages of the more recent issues. Part of the reason for this is the design. In previous issues, we did not provide the single page copywork passage, and we didn’t start each week on a new page. The other difference is that now we target a grammar concept three of the four weeks, in addition to commenting on grammar in the passage itself.


All purchases of digital products are FINAL. No refunds.

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