Writing Projects

The writing puzzle is complete when a child combines their current level of skill in mechanics with their original thoughts and produces a writing assignment—what we call a “writing project.” For instance, a child may narrate a fairytale that the parent jots down at age five, handwrite a thank you card at age nine, type a report at age 12, or write an expository essay at age 15. Brave Writer designs writing projects to match the child’s natural stage of growth in writing.
Jot It Down! (5-7 yrs)
Jot It Down! (5-7 yrs) $49.95
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Partnership Writing (8-10 yrs)
Partnership Writing (8-10 yrs) $59.95
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Building Confidence (11-12 yrs)
Building Confidence (11-12 yrs) $89.00
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Help for High School
Help for High School $79.00
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