Building Confidence (11-12 yrs)

Want your Middle Schoolers to feel good about writing?

Building Confidence (formerly Faltering Ownershipoffers a slew of engaging writing projects that prepare kids for a life of self-expression and academic achievement.

Combine style with skill!

Your kids will:

  • Indulge wild word play
  • Design a dust jacket book review
  • Report on a natural disaster
  • Keep a diary as a historical figure
  • Examine headlines for bias
  • Learn the features of great fiction
  • Discover the joy of writing poetry
  • Write a semester length report and celebrate with a party
  • ...and so much more!

Confidence and competence are around the corner!

Middle School is a great time to introduce academic writing skills.

You'll guide and coach your middlers in:

  • summary
  • reporting
  • conducting research
  • citing sources
  • letter writing
  • book reviewing
  • interviewing

Included in the Building Confidence program:

  • Guidance for poetry recitation, word play, nature study, art appreciation, music, and movies
  • Twelve month-long writing projects: reports, interviews, letters, poetry, fiction, advertisements, diaries, literary elements, book reviews and more
  • A tool to plan the projects
  • A tool to track the skills your child gains
  • A sample schedule (routine) for how to incorporate these practices into your year

This program can easily last more than one year and can be adapted for families with children between the ages of 10 and 15. If your student is in high school but not yet a confident writer, start here. These projects lay the foundation for the Help for High School program skills.

Building Confidence is 160 pages in a four-color PDF file. Looks great on tablets and iPads, or can be printed. The product is non-consumable and can be used for multiple children at once. Each activity can be done more than one time with a fresh topic to practice the formats.

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Note: Building Confidence is one part of the Middle School Writers Bundle

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