Jot It Down! (5-7 yrs)

Welcome to the joy of writing without requiring your child to lift a pencil!

Jot It Down offers a collection of delightful activities:

  • Writing fairytales
  • Going on scavenger hunts in art museums
  • Designing a photo journal
  • Writing a mini book about animals
  • Setting up a mail system in your house
  • Creating posters, lists, and exploring the world of numbers
  • Drawing a full sized body shape and filling it with words
  • Three sorts of parties
  • Not to mention poetry, music, recitation, and oral games!

By jotting down your child's words even before they know how to read, your youngest children discover that they're writers already!

Included in the program:

  • Guidance for poetry recitation, word play, nature study, art appreciation, music, and movies
  • Ten month-long writing projects: letters, fairytale narrations, posters, mini-books, lists, writing about numbers, and body art
  • A tool to plan the projects
  • A tool to track the skills your child gains
  • A sample schedule (routine) for how to incorporate these practices into your year

Children love these projects because they get to hold in their hands evidence that they are writers, even when they're still learning to read and handwrite.

Jot It Down! is 80+ pages in a four-color PDF file. Looks great on tablets and iPads, or can be printed. The product is non-consumable and can be used for multiple children in your own family at once. Each activity can be done more than one time with a fresh topic to practice the formats.

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Note: Jot It Down is one part of the Beginning Writers Bundle

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