Jot It Down! (5-8 yrs)

5-8 years old

The joy of writing without requiring your child to lift a pencil!

You will act as secretary and transcriptionist, giving your child's young, quirky, brilliant voice access to the world of print. Your little bundle will discover that a writer already lives inside. These ten engaging writing projects include word play, photography, teatimes, body art, and fairy tales, to name a few!

The Jot it Down! program product:

  • Developmentally appropriate writing projects
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • A weekly and monthly plan

Jot It Down! is visually engaging, easy to use (open-and-go), and lasts an entire school year.

The projects are equally valuable to Charlotte Mason fans, classical homeschoolers, and unschoolers alike! How you home educate will be supported by both the specific, helpful instructions, and the wide open space to interpret the projects individually. Adapt this product for older students by handing the pencil to them.

Jot It Down! can be used as a stand-alone product for your young writers.

If your children are not yet 8 years old, you can wait to purchase The Writer's Jungle until they are handwriting and reading more easily.

The Wand is our product that teaches writing (transcribing, spelling) and reading together. It makes a good companion to Jot It Down! (which focuses on original writing projects).

This product also appears in our Jot it Down! Bundle.

Listen to a podcast about the Jot It Down! developmental stage of growth in writing.

This is a digital product. Feel free to print it for your own personal use (see photo sample).

  • Ages: 5-8 years old, or any child who is not yet comfortable with reading and handwriting.

    Format: Four color, 80+ page PDF file suited to all screens; permission to print also included.

  • Download a 14-page free digital sample (select in the "Title" drop down menu below). It includes the Table of Contents which gives a list of the year's writing projects.

  • Jot It Down! is the product to use for your children who are not yet reading fluently and who are still learning to handwrite. It is the third component of your family’s writing and language arts instruction for 5-8 year olds. It gives you the practical, step-by-step implementation of what to write, not just how to write.

    Jot It Down! works with The Wand (grades K-1) or The Quiver of Arrows (grades 1-2) and The Writer’s Jungle (all ages).

    The three together create a stable three-legged stool from which you will confidently perch as you lead your children into the adventure of writing and literature, both philosophically and practically.

    Here’s how it works.

    1. The Writer’s Jungle —For original writing. Teaches a parent how to coach a child to self-express in writing.
    2. The Wand (K-1) or The Quiver of Arrows (1-2) —For the mechanics of writing taught through copywork and dictation, using quality literature. Pick one based on age and reading ability.
    3. Jot It Down! —For writing projects. Jot It Down! provides 10 month-long writing projects that maximize a child's narrating skills, while the parent transcribes his or her shared thoughts and ideas.

    The Jot It Down! program completes your language arts and writing program for the coming year.

    Save money by purchasing the Jot It Down! Bundle.

All purchases of digital products are FINAL. No refunds.

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