Partnership Writing (8-10 yrs)

When you partner with your child, writing skills and confidence soar!

Partnership Writing features a wide array of flexible writing projects that work for families with kids under 12.

What kid wouldn't enjoy a few of these?

  • Breaking secret codes
  • Creating a personal timeline
  • Writing a humorous homophone mini book
  • Investigating who, what, where, when, and why
  • Designing an imaginary map
  • Crafting a lap book about a Greek myth or tall tale
  • Writing ad copy for a historical artifact
  • Not to mention enjoying poetry, movies, music, and oral games!

Bring writing voice and writing formats together!

The most overlooked practice in writing is working with a partner.

Good news! You get to be that partner for your child.

Included in the Partnership Writing program:

  • Guidance for poetry recitation, word play, nature study, art appreciation, music, and movies
  • Ten month-long writing projects: secret codes, personal time line, mini books, lap books, mail order catalog, how-to project, and written narrations, to name several.
  • A tool to plan the projects
  • A tool to track the skills your child gains
  • A sample schedule (routine) for how to incorporate these practices into your year

This program offers the maximum flexibility for your family. Can be modified up or down in challenge level for kids between the ages of 5 and 12! One program for the entire family.

Partnership Writing is 113+ pages in a four-color PDF file. Looks great on tablets and iPads, or can be printed. The product is non-consumable and can be used for multiple children at once. Each activity can be done more than one time with a fresh topic to practice the formats.

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Note: Partnership Writing is one part of the Emerging Writers Bundle

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